A closer look at our spektrum of services  
  Spektrum provides every kind of service imaginable-whether it be pre-press, printing or bindery, fulfillment or warehousing-and we do it with state-of- the art facilities and production equipment.  
  Partial Client List  
  Service permeates every level of the Spektrum work--not just the executive team. Whether it's looking for tiny flaws in the pre-press stage, creating money-saving new ideas in the printing or binding process, or carefully nurturing a document as it rolls off the presses, every Spektrum member us take great personal pride and care in their work.  
  Pre Press  
  For many customers, Spektrum’s work begins long before a  ‘press ready’. Our team of designers , technicians and staff are always on standby to assist small to medium sized publishers or associations with the daunting task of typesetting , job composition  and more. A customer just has to state his case and we at Spektrum take care of the rest to ensure that a professional looking publication is created for you.

At Spektrum we  have identified the current trend and believe that three crucial factors determine the production of print products today: Smaller print runs, a larger number of print jobs and increasingly complex individual orders.

It is therefore necessary that we are equipped with highly capable computer-to-plate systems that provide premium quality printing plates in all format classes fast and reliably. Easy retrofitting that cuts on time loss with smart integration of different workflow systems leads to minimized service and operating costs that ensure economic success.

Spektrum offers its customers state- of- the- art CtP systems and a keen and active staff that helps fulfill requirements ensuring fast turn around times and quality all the way. And with a complete studio equipped with the latest systems capable of handling both the Macintosh and PC platforms.
  The team at Spektrum relies on nothing short of the best when it comes to equipment to facilitate quality printing and production procedures. Using machines that allow customers and the staff to achieve best results enables Spektrum to constantly deliver above and beyond customer expectations.
  • Adast Dominant Single Color Offset Printer
  • Adast Dominant 4 color offset Printer- Maximum Sheet size 19” x 26 “
  • Heidelberg SM 74 (2007 model) 4 Color Offset Printing Machine
  Post Press / Finishing  
  Outstanding post press equipment and processes are critical for the efficient production of high-quality print products.
Folding, cutting, perforating, die-cutting, wire binding, thread sealing and adhesive binding - the range of possibilities requires powerful, flexible, accurate solutions that we at Spektrum provide with expert ease. With a range of reliable equipment that caters to every aspect of post press requirements, Spektrum ensures that a job once brought to our facility is delivered with unmatched quality in service and form.
  • Thermal Binding Machine
  • Offline Aqua Score
  • 20”/26” Dye Punching Machine
  • 2 Protech Cutting Machines
  • Wirobinding Machines
  • 3 Saddle stitching Machines.
  • Numbering and Scoring Machines
  • Three single Head Stitching Machines
  • One Double Head Stitching Machine
  • Wire Former  Size 17”
  • Plastic Inserter - Size 17”
  • Lamination and Full Facilities for Desktop Publishing
A glance at the practical capacities of the all new and improved Spektrum Facility-

Maximum Size of Sheet       18” x 25”
Capacity                            1,30, 000 Sheets in 8 hours
Printing                              40 jobs of 1000 sheets in 8 hours
SINGLE COLOR                 40,000 sheets in 8 hours
Finishing                            As per job requirement
Lamination                         15,000 sheets in 8 hours
Punching                            25, 000 sheets in 8 hours
Binding                              As per requirement